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We Present Brokerages With Solutions – And Lots Of Them

we also practice the lost art of superb customer service

Gone are the days when big tech companies can charge big tech prices. We believe in fair pricing coupled with quality products/services. Add an unparalleled sense of customer service, and you've got OkapiCo.

  • Fully Integrated Managed IT Services
  • An Arsenal of Online Marketing Knowledge
  • Affordable Front and Back End Products
  • 1-on-1 Customer Service: Never Be Left In The Dark
  • Proud Veteran Owned Company
  • OkapiCo is an amazing resource for Fillmore Real Estate and for me personally. As the President, I count on their perspective when I'm exploring new directions that the company might take. Insight, depth of knowlege and willingness to help out makes Zane one of the most valuable and enjoyable people to work with on my team.

    John Reinhardt
    John Reinhardt, CEO of Fillmore Real Estate
  • Zane is incredibly intelligent, reliable, and helpful. He is helping our real estate agency out with his brand new computer program which is going to be amazing for our agents and staff. He is prompt when there are issues or questions and he is such a great person to work with.

    Nicole Patrisso
    Nicole Patrisso, Chant Real Estate

meet our team


Zane B

Managing Director

Zane Burnett has been asked to speak at many national level real estate conferences on the topics of Business Development, Technology, and Marketing. His experience in these three fields- as they specifically relate to the real estate industry- allow him to take unique approaches to today's challenges. He's adept at bar-room magic tricks, riding his Harley through Times Square, and Call of Duty.

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Vince R

Sr. SEO Strategist

A Florida native, Vince is OkapiCo's resident SEO specialist. His smile is as unwavering as Google's penchant to drop algorithm updates on the daily. Luckily, Vince's dedication to the understanding of the SEO world keeps our clients happy. Vince loves to surf (though the waves in Brooklyn are a bit lacking) and spending time with his family.

Diana B

Lead Designer

Diana is the newest member of the OkapiCo team. A recent grad, she loves being on the cutting edge of design.

We're brand new (but our numbers are climbing!)

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We strive for excellence in all we do

  • OkapiCo has one of the only marketing departments dedicated to servicing real estate brokerages. We work within your budget to create the perfect campaigns. Whether it be for new developments, emerging companies, or simply branding/rebranding, we have the team to flawlessly put together and execute the most effect. Your organization can hire OkapiCo for any single service offered through our integrated marketing suite.

  • We meld form and functionality to design the visuals of your campaign so that they are both beautiful and effective. Whether you are running print ads, digital ads, or a combination of both, we possess the vision to make your marketing campaign stunning and unique.

    Your audience should have an experience that is memorable and relevant.

  • Sometimes you just want to have something built for yourself. Don’t waste your money on the extra time that it will take for some other development company to figure out how to blend real estate data with your new application. We’re experts on integrating RETS and MLS data with anything the mind can imagine. ALL of our developers work for us and are U.S. based.

    Call us if you’re looking to have something built in record speed with unmatched quality.

  • SEO is 2 parts science, 2 parts art, and 1 part mystery. Our team stays up to date on all the algorithm updates Google pushes out, all the best techniques for ranking websites, and all of the trends to produce amazing content. We provide on and off page SEO, manage paid (Pay Per Click) campaigns, as well as effective marketing via paid social media ads. When it comes to results, we deliver.

  • New York City’s leading brokerage firms paid their Social Media Directors between $75,000 and $150,000 per year in 2012. We get it, NYC is so much more expensive, which is why they get paid so much, right?

    Take this into consideration: Little Rock, Arkansas has a salary standard that is 23.7% less than comparable salaries in NYC. This means that a Social Media Director in Little Rock should be getting paid between $47,000 and $57,000 per year to remain competitive.

    Are you paying your Social Media Director that much?

    Do you have a Social Media Director?

    A poorly run social strategy is more harmful than a non-existent one. Mediocre campaigns give the impression that the company itself is mediocre. There is an entire audience online that you can engage, given the right strategy. Maintaining an impeccable brand image, engaging with your consumers, and providing valuable content.

  • When it comes to your next Real Estate technology or marketing initiative, we have the know-how to get things done. Our past experience, cultivated relationships, and innovation allow us to serve as a valuable resource to your brokerage.

  • OkapiCo has the capability to serve as an outsourced managed IT services provider. Whether you need someone to process all of your listing data and handle feeds/syndication, need someone to ensure your network integrity, or simply need an IT director who is on call at a fraction of what it would cost to hire someone full time, our fully qualified staff is standing by to take over whatever Real Estate IT scenario you find yourself needing help with.

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Our goal is to innovate, excite, and create. At OkapiCo, we strive to be a Real Estate industry leader in the combination of marketing and technology. Please contact us if you're interested in seeing the magic we can make together.

  • Address: 155 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
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